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Educational Technology for Engineering Teachers

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This course will help in making you informed teachers and tackle teaching-learning problems competently.
This is an archived course.

About This Course

This course is aimed at engineering colleges faculty and post-graduate students of engineering colleges who are planning for careers in joining the faculty of various institutions. Faculty members already face myriad problems such as varying students’ interest and abilities, students’ focus on exam testing, managing large classes, and so on. To mitigate some of these problems, the faculty members are often called upon to explore use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in their classes. However, a lack of formal training in research-based strategies is a barrier to effective integration of ICT in the teaching-learning process.

This course will provide an introduction to a research-based and learner-centered pedagogy for effectively integrating ICT in engineering education. Participants of this course will apply these strategies during the course, to design materials and activities for topics in their own domain. This will help them to become informed teachers and tackle teaching-learning problems competently.



Course Staff

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Prof. Sahana Murthy

Sahana Murthy is a faculty member in the Inter-Disciplinary Programme in Educational Technology at IIT Bombay, since 2009. Prior to that she was a lecturer at the Experimental Study Group in MIT from 2006-09, during which she implemented and evaluated innovative teaching methods. She worked as a post-doctoral researcher in Physics Education Research at MIT (2005-06) and Rutgers University (2004-05), USA. She got her PhD in Physics from Rutgers University in 2004. Her current research interests lie in students' development of thinking skills through technology-enhanced learning environments. At IIT Bombay, she teaches courses in 'Introduction to Educational Technology' and 'Research Methods for Educational Technology'.

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Prof. Sridhar Iyer

Sridhar Iyer is a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay. His current research interests are in the field of Educational Technology. This includes: Technology-enhanced learning environments for thinking skills, Pedagogies for effective use of educational technologies, Development of ICT tools for educational applications, and Computer Science education research. Sridhar Iyer received his BTech, MTech and PhD from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at IIT Bombay. 

Both of them have conducted a number of teacher professional development workshops on research-based effective teaching strategies. More recently, they had conducted a large scale blended-mode training program on ET4ET - Educational Technology for Engineering Teachers, via the 'Train 10000 Teachers (T10KT)' programme under the National Mission on Education through ICT.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the nature of course?

The course will be fully online (as it is a Massive Open Online Course) and there is no specific remote center/physical participation required.
If you are new to the IITBombayX platform, please check to understand about MOOCs under IITBombayX. Also, do take the IITBombayX Demo Course first to understand how the various features within the IITBombayX platform allow self-paced learning (including assessment).

Is remote center participation required?

As mentioned above, IITBombayX does not require any remote center or similar synchronous interactions. We (Course Design Team) however are thinking of creating Sustainable Learning Communities (SLCs) among the interested colleges, but more details about this will be available by January 1 (a week before the start of course).

What is the duration of course?

The course will be of 6 weeks duration and will start on January 7, 2016.

How does one register for the course?

If you do not have an IITBombayX account, first register for one. Now log into IITBombayX through this newly registered account. Once you have logged in, go to the course webpage and register for the course.

I have registered for the course, now what?

Good start. The course is formally going to start on January 7, and the pre-course activities will be initiated from January 1. More details will be updated on the Course Page. Monitor this page regularly from December 28 for more information. In the meanwhile if you have friends/colleagues who are interested in similar courses, please forward the information.

I have registered for the course, but I didn't receive a confirmation email. What should I do?

If you are registering on the IITBombayX platform for the first time, check whether you received an account activation email. For similar technical queries please send in a mail to or

I am from the non-engineering (Arts, Commerce & Science) background. Can I attend the course?

The course, as its name suggests, is primarily aimed at in-service engineering college teachers or learners who intend to pursue engineering college teaching. So most of the examples discussed during the course will be from various domains of engineering. However since teaching-learning, in general, requires the skills that are being discussed in the course, you can definitely attend it. A word of caution: you will have maximum benefit if you can extend the examples which are primarily from engineering to your own domain and further do the prescribed activities.
Again the benefits will substantially increase if you have a partner or a group of partners from your own domain to take this course along with you. We will try to assist you through discussion forums and carefully designed learning-extending activities.

I am an existing user of a variety of Educational Technology. How can I contribute to this course?

This is great to hear. We do hope that you will be an active participant in several of the posts on the discussion forums and contribute to the learning community of ET601Tx.

When does one use this course email id?

The course email id has been created by the Course Design Team for:

  • Communication before the start of the course
  • Communication after the end of course

Please do not send mails related to technical aspects of the platform like userid not working, no confirmatory emails, unable to download video, unable to print certificate etc. to this id. We will not be able to answer your queries. Please use the appropriate mail ids from this page for such queries.

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    Jan 07, 2016
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    Mar 07, 2016
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    5 - 6 hours per week