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This demo course shows how to take a course on IITBombayX.

A fun and interactive course is designed to help you explore the IITBombayX learning experience. It is perfect to take before you start your course.

About This Course

This brief course is designed to show new students how to take a course on IITBombayX. You will learn how to navigate the IITBombayX platform and complete your first course! From there, we will help you get started choosing the course that best fits your interests, needs, and dreams.



Course Staff

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Dr. Kalpana Kannan

Dr. Kalpana Kannan is a senior project manager in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay. She heads the content team of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). She coordinates the activities of MOOCs that are offered through IITBombayX for Indian learners and through edX for global learners. Since 2005, she has coordinated various educational outreach activities at IIT Bombay. She has published her research work in the area of ICT enabled education in journals, conferences and as book chapters. She holds a PhD from IIT Bombay, Master's in Management from Bombay University and B.Sc (Hons) Physics from Delhi University.

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Mr. Sajjan Dixit

Sajjan Dixit is a senior project manager, in the department of Computer Science and Engineering, at IIT Bombay. He has been leading the studio team in producing audio visual digital assets for various activities under MHRD-sponsored projects. Sajjan holds a Master's Degree in Computer Applications and joined IIT Bombay as a Software Engineer, earlier. In time, he has also taken over complete responsibility for e-learning visuals in the distance education domain.

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Mrs. Gayathri Thakoor

Ms Gayathri Thakoor is a project manager, with the Tata Centre for Technology and Design, at IIT Bombay. She coordinates the projects and ancillary activities in the Education domain and supports the media and communication team at the Centre. Adept in the area of editing, rewriting and content development, she has also been conducting communication skills training modules at IIT Bombay. A successful author, blog writer, and a journalist, she has written and edited several books and stories. With two master's degrees in her academic successes, one in Management Studies and the other in Education, she is also a graduate in Economics from Mumbai University.

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    Anytime, Self-Paced
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    10 - 30 minutes, or as much time as you want.