Hybrid Mooc

hybrid mooc

Active learning through face-to-face interactions with IITB instructors….

The hybrid MOOC platform offers integration of technology and multiple pedagogic practices to disseminate knowledge in the best possible manner. Hybrid MOOCs essentially captures the benefits of flipped classroom model involving online lectures, interactive discussions, and live face-to-face interactions with the IIT Bombay course mentors.

Courses demanding in depth discussions with the instructor are ideally suited for the hybrid MOOC model. The enrollment procedure, periodic release of course content, discussion forum activities, and assessment protocol with intermittent deadlines remain standard for the hybrid MOOCs as for other instructor-paced MOOCs. During the period of a hybrid MOOC, students from participating remote center (RC) institutes experience online learning as well as frequent face-to-face live interactions with the IIT Bombay faculty through

A-view, a video conferencing software. Participants, not associated to any RC institute, should connect and coordinate with their nearest RC to join in for the live face-to-face sessions with the course instructor.

Hybrid MOOC participants gather at their respective RCs for the live interaction sessions, providing them an opportunity to engage in healthy pedagogic discussions with the instructor as well as learning collaborations amongst themselves. Not only does this approach provide the learners more faculty and peer support, it also helps the faculty in assessing the level of understanding amongst the participants. Thus, the additional hybrid element of the model provides an opportunity for the instructor to conduct a more personalized and active learning experience for participants in their knowledge acquisition.