Mode of Delivery of MOOCs

mode of delivery

Instructor-paced MOOCs

Learn with the instructor, following a schedule

Instructor-paced MOOCs, follow a set schedule led by the instructor with due dates for assessments, and completion of the course within a defined time period. The enrollment is open for a definite time; the participants wait for the periodic release of the course material with intermittent deadlines for quizzes, assignments and examinations, and receive immediate feedback on their queries and work.

Group of learners moving through the same stage of learning provides a competitive edge, aids in healthy pedagogic interactions on the discussion forum as well as motivates the participants to complete the course successfully. Thus, the Instructor-paced MOOC follows a structured process which requires learners to achieve pre-determined, instructor-created goals in order to complete the course successfully.

Hybrid MOOCs

Active learning through face-to-face interactions with IITBombayX instructors

The Hybrid MOOCs offers integration of technology and multiple pedagogic practices to disseminate knowledge in the best possible manner. Hybrid MOOCs essentially captures the benefits of flipped classroom model involving online lectures, interactive discussions and live face-to-face interactions with the IITBombayX instructors.

Courses demanding in-depth discussions with the instructor are ideally suited for the Hybrid MOOC model. The enrollment procedure, periodic release of course content, discussion forum activities, and assessment protocol with intermittent deadlines remain standard for the Hybrid MOOCs as for other Instructor-paced MOOCs. The learners from participating Remote Centers (RCs) experience online learning as well as frequent face-to-face live interactions through a video conferencing software (AVIEW) with the IITBombayX instructors. This provides the learners an opportunity to engage in healthy pedagogic discussions with the instructor as well as with peer groups.

Self-paced MOOCs

Learn at your own pace

Self-paced MOOCs do not follow a set schedule of events during the period of the course. The enrollment for Self-paced MOOCs is open for a longer duration than other kinds of MOOCs. In Self-paced MOOCs, the course material becomes available as soon as the course begins. In addition, quizzes, assignments and exams do not have any intermittent due dates other than the official ‘end date’ of the course. Thus, the Self-paced MOOCs provides maximum flexibility to the learners in terms of the content and time. No deadlines on assessments allow the learners to complete the course at their leisure without any unwarranted stress.

The course can be started and completed at different times for different learners as per their respective schedules. Self-paced MOOCs also provides interactive user forums to support learners’ interactions with fellow participants as well as with the course instructor.