Research and Pedagogy

IITBombayX empowers research on pedagogy or learning about learning.

The online environment provides a powerful platform to conduct experiments, exploring how learners learn and how faculty can best teach, using a variety of novel tools and techniques.

Fundamental questions include:

  • What motivates learners to learn and persist?
  • What helps learners to retain knowledge?
  • What are the best ways to teach complex ideas?
  • How can we assess what learners have learned?
  • What is the best technique to teach in person vs. online?

By carefully assessing course data, from mouse clicks to time spent on tasks, to evaluating how learners respond to various assessments, researchers hope to shed light on how learners access information and master materials, with the ultimate aim of improving course outcomes.

We are not only expanding access to knowledge, but also developing best practices to enhance the learner experience and improve teaching and learning both on campus and online.